Top 48 Ways to Save Money This Year Going Green

With the passage of time our environment is going in a dire shape. It seems to be running out of everything and pollution seems to be increasing day by day. But trying to make it little greener can help a lot but people think that it is difficult and they can’t afford it. But they are wrong, you can save money by being green and it easy and simple.


Here is a list of different ideas that will help you to save money by being green so, here we go

  1. Save money on your phone and broadband: Use comparison tool to find best phone and broadband for yourself.
  2. Eco-friendly shop: Eco friendly products saves the money as well as environment because you are not using harmful materials. No need to see anywhere else than eco-friendly shop because they provides all types of grocery items, and plastic free items and household objects. So, check this site for all types of items. Another site like Eco shop UK, this also provides all type of green and Eco-friendly items.
  3. Use Energy Saver Bulbs: Energy saving light bulbs last up to 12 time more as compared to traditional bulbs. They give decent light and avoid carbon footprint of your home. You can save money on expensive electricity bills. These bulbs run for long and are cheaper.
  4. Save money with your fridge: Try to keep your fridge full so it stays cool and can run efficiently. Many stores run take back scheme and costumers buy new fridge to offload the old one. Expect this you can take your old fridge to cycling centre located in your area and they recycled for free. You can see site like recycle now for nearest recycling centre.
  5. Wrap the radiator: Put aluminium foil at the back of radiator to reflect the heat back into your room through the walls. This will reduce energy costs and you can save a lot of cash.
  6. Use a electric oven: It is used for easy and economical cooking and it can save about 80% of energy as compared to standard oven. You can take the oven to wherever you want and you can also bake cake and bread. When you buy your own Remoska electric oven, it will cost about 149.99 euros.
  7. Get eco-friendly broadband: Green ISP environmentally guided internet. It provides low cost, high speed broadband.
  8. Keep the lids on: While cooking keeps all lids on, and oven doors closed. When you open oven doors more than 20% of heat is lost. Same as water boiler up to 6% faster with lid cover. So, by doing a little change can save your energy bills.
  9. Use the ‘off ’switch: Appliances like TV, PCs, DVD players, and more waste about 15% of electricity per year. So, make sure than when no using turns off the switches and appliances.
  10. Clear out the boot: We all have stuff in our car boots, and these are not of use. So, clear it out. This means that you use more fuel, and it is an unnecessary waste.
  11. Use Eco balls: Eco balls wash your cloths without the need of detergent. These are much cheaper and are used alternatively for a washing powder. Just pop up them in washing machine and cloths come out clean and soft. They are easy to use and save you water and time. You get pack for 21.99 euros and you can use up to 1000 washes.
  12. Ride a bike: Ride a bike instead of car as it is better for environment as well as for your health and cost less. You can get bikes on a cheap price on eBay and police auctions. Remember to lock for safety and get insurance of your bike.
  13. Install cavity wall insulation: Cavity wall is injection for insulation of heat in external wall. About 40% of heat loss through the wall and this will insulate your home. Insulation cost less than 500 euros and you can save up to 300 to 600 euros per year. You can also take help from government to pay for it.
  14. Car sharing scheme: You can save money by sharing car with another person. It is cheaper than buying car. See at lift share, Blabla car, and national car scheme. These help you in sharing car, but you register your journey and all you do is contact them and share your location. It means that you get 50% of discount on this.
  15. Buy loose fruits and vegetables: Buy loose products because they are cheaper and better for environment because there is no packaging.
  16. Buy online: Buy things as much as you can through online shopping in a bulk. Which is much cheaper, and you get delivery at your home. Rather driving around the town with several people and lots of shoppers is much better to buy things online.
  17. Carpet your home: Swap wooden floor for carpet. It helps in insulating your home and much easier for cleaning and can completely change your rooms.
  18. Use your Own Shopping Bags: When you go for shopping do not use plastic bags instead of it bring your own bag from home. If you shop from Tesco, you will get a green Clubcard point for using your own bag.
  19. Use up those leftovers: Do not waste your food, keep it in fridge and use it on the next day. In UK around 6.7 million tonnes food waste is thrown out per year. Do not cook extra food. Vegetables and cooked meat leftover instead of it make fries, omelettes, curries.
  20. Keep food fresh for longer: keep your leftover food in an airtight container or use klippits bags to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for long time.
  21. Make a food shopping list: When doing weekly shopping make sure to make list of the items you need and the most important thing you must stick to it. Shopping like this can save a lot of your cash.
  22. Grow your own food: One of the easiest ways to save money is to grow own food. You can buy seeds from online stores like Green fingers.
  23. Use rechargeable batteries: Rechargeable batteries can be recharged with simple batteries because they produce less waste. They can be reused for hundred time. Go for large batteries they do not need to be recharged again and again. For battery use see Amazon offers.
  24. Go for locally grown food: If you live in city than try to go to farmers market near you. You can save up to 30% on your bills. You get fresh fruits and vegetables. This can support farmers and also cut down pollution caused by transportation. Visit your nearest farmer market.
  25. Switch your energy providers: Try to switch off all energy providers, this can save your hundreds of pounds per year. To find value of green energy tariff use comparison tools.
  26.  Get thermal curtains: Get thermal curtains because they create dead air space between windows and room. Simply we can say that they play the role of insulating materials. You can sew your own cheap PVC shower curtains to your existing curtains.
  27. Insulate your window and doors: Use draught excluders at doors and windows that help to insulate your home and from reducing heat.
  28. Insulate your fireplace: If you have chimney and you use that then there is no need to insulate that but if you do not use it than you need to insulate your room by using papers and cardboard to stop heat from reducing.
  1. Get double glazing: In windows small chinks are responsible for 20% loss of heat. The cost of insulating double glass will regain heating bills in next few years.
  2. Wash at 30 degrees: Higher temperature use more energy and can cost more. Do not wash more than 30 degree. Instead of washing at 40 degree run your machine at 30 degree this can also save a lot of cash.
  3. Set up zonal heating: You can set up zonal heating at a specific zone in your house. A zone may be individual room, or many rooms. Thermostat controls the heater, and you can use energy efficiently.
  4. Swap your cloths: Invite your friends at your home and tell them to bring their cloths they do not wear, swap your cloths with each other. Except this, you can sell your cloths online and make some money.
  5. Make use of your old cloths: you can use your old cloths by cutting them into square pieces for cleaning or washing rags.
  6. Recycle your printer cartridges: Recycling printer cartridges save a lot your cash. Every year about 57 million cartridges end up in UK landfills. You must go to stores like cartridges world and refill your inkjet cartridges for half prices as compared to new inkjet cartridges or another option is you can sell your old inkjet cartridges to company for cash.
  7. Bring your own lunch to work: you can save hundreds or thousands of pounds a year by taking your own lunch to work. Homemade food is good for health and you will save a lot of cash on packing and waste.
  8. Turn the tap off and make the most of rain: while brushing your teeth’s and shaving turn off the tap. This can save your money on water bills. About thousands of litres of rainwater fall per year why not use a water butt and use this for watering your plants and garden.
  9. Recycle your mobile for cash: Make money by recycling your old and broken mobile phone and depending on make, earn yourself a little pot of cash. To see how much you can get yourself use comparison tools.
  10. Holiday at home: spending holidays at home can reduce your expenses and you can save a lot of money. You can do many activities by staying at home. Get more ideas from great day out.
  11. Use Public Transport: you can save cash by travelling in public transport. With rising of petrol prices, it is expensive to drive a car than ever. By booking train ticket you can make big saving.
  12. Insulate your loft: with high electricity prices you cannot afford to lose so much heat through the roof. So, one of the best ways is loft insulation you can save a lot of cash and is better because you do not need so much heat to become warm. There is discount on DIY stores like B&Q and you can also take help of government to cover the costs.
  13. Recycle your cans and computers and make money: if you have extra stuff than see to find nearest recycling centre which pay a small amount on things. Collect cans and take them to recycling centre which pay for your cans. You can save money or get discount of 50 euros on a new computer by selling your old PC or even one which do not work.
  14. Get cheap books and save trees: Go to worlds of book, where they buy all the pages back from charity shops and prevent them from having to destroy. You can also sell your books on Ziffit and in return they give you cash.
  15. Drive more efficiently: those drivers who know about fuel efficiency can save up to 20 % than why not you become an eco-driver. You must be aware of that a car becomes consumes less fuel when it is drove at 50mph and do not forget to change the gear when your car reaches at 2500 revs.
  16. Send an ecard: You can save on trees and by sending ecards to your loved ones instead of the paper cards. At 9 euros you can buy as much as cards you can. Visit Jacquie Lawson for some beautiful cards.
  17. Environmentally kind stain removers at a lower budget: Do not waste money for buying stain removers to remove stains. You can make stain remover at your home by the ingredients which are already at your home like chocolate stain can be remove by mixing egg with warm water and then rub, coffee stain can be remove by baking soda paste and many more. Lemons are also great for cleaning surfaces and leave it in fridge to absorb smell. You can also mix with salt to clean copper and brass and to brighten colours.
  18. Make your own compost: Get a wormery and use all kitchen waste to feed the worms. Then they eat it and digest, and you got free compost. You can get compost bin from council fill it with vegetables and kitchen waste and let the worms to eat.
  19. Only fill the kettle with what you need: it is easy to fill the kettle up to the top without thinking but when 15 family members fill there bottle with water than you can save about one tonnes of carbon per year. There are eco friendly kettles to measure exactly how much water you need.
  20. Be a freegan: There are bunch of discarded material at the back of supermarket in the bins that involves rifling. Everyday 5% of food thrown away from supermarkets this does not mean that it is harmful or bad but just because they are required by law. Most of the food is perfectly alright to eat but the sell by date is over. So, why not save on food and on bills.
Posted on: April 9, 2021