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Top 5 Ways of Getting Free Food and Drinks

Food is one of the most essential part of our daily life and we cannot survive without it, we spend a big portion of our money on our food and it could be sometime very difficult to manage the finances because there are times when you are short of money. So there is a time when majority of the people are looking for discounted foods. Today I have come up with a list of ways through which you can get free food. Yes you heard it right as there are legit ways of getting free foods and drinks. So let’s start,

1. Mobile Apps

Almost every famous food chain has their own app from which you can order food, so this could be a spot for you to get your hands on free food. There are multiple apps that you can use to get free food and discounted offers. First place to get free food is the Pizza express as if you sign up for their app, you can get a free classic of Leggera Pizza. You can also collect spare food from your locals by using the app named as Olio. Number of other apps are also waiting for you to sign up and claim your free food.


2. Free Hot Drink from IKEA

If you are going to buy something from IKEA then do not forget to claim your free hot drink from them. You will have to sign up for their loyalty card and will have to make a purchase from them in order to claim your free drink. So always plan your visit in such a way that you could benefit yourself well.


3. University Meets and Greets

University are the places where future leaders are raised and taught. There are a number of people in a university coming from different fields of life. So the universities always held meet and greets for the students, so that they could get to know each other and enjoy. Apart from this benefit, there is a lot of food to be shared on this kind of an event. So if you are a student then never miss your university meet and greet events.


4. Free Food on Birthday

Your birthday is not only a special day for yourself but also for people living with you. Retailers know this thing and they always have something to give you whenever they know that its your special day, all this to make you a loyal customer. There are a lot of food places from where you can get free food on your birthday or birthday discounts. For example, if you have downloaded the Greggs app, you can get a free doughnut on your birthday. So keep your eyes open and search for opportunities like this so that you can get your hands on free food on your special day.


5. Free Food from Online Surveys

Online surveys can be one of the way to get your hands on free food. By simply providing your opinions on number of different topics, you can get yourself a good deal. Online surveys can help you to make cash but that cash is not enough to make a living. You can join sites like Swagbucks on which you have to complete some simple tasks and for that tasks you can get free discounted vouchers, gift cards and cash. There are number of other sites like Swagbucks that you can join, so you just have to sign up for these sites and spend some of your time and then you can get food vouchers from them.


So this was all from my side today, hope you will get your hands on free food easily. You can share you experiences in the comment section below.