How to Save Money by Using Vouchers, Freebies & Discount Codes?

Importance of Freebies in the UK Market

Everyone wants to save money but let me tell you this thing with a help of some recent statistics. The United Kingdom economy is the 7th freest economy of the world and you will be amazed to know that an adult saves about £1,200 a year just by using freebies, vouchers and discounted deals. Isn’t it amazing that a huge amount could be saved by following some simple steps? Now let me tell you another thing, do you know that 44% of the Britain’s share discounts with their friends and family. Whereas 12% of the adults are not sure about a specific product or price when they are out for shopping and sadly there is a 1% of the adult who are ashamed of using voucher codes and discounted offers.

Because of these vouchers and money-off codes more than one in four people can buy better gifts for their friends and family than the past. You will be amazed to know that 2.4 million discounted vouchers are used daily by the Britons alone and 1692 coupons are redeemed in every minute across the country. There is a 25% massive increase in number of people using these discounted vouchers and codes. According to another stat, the Britons now look for the discounted vouchers and deals six times a week.

Why the Freebies?

The number simply shows that there is a massive increase in number of people who are using discounted vouchers and codes, so what are you waiting for now? It’s time that people have accepted using these voucher and codes to be a legitimate method of saving money. As due to the lockdown situation flights and holidays are not in the book, so food is now the main target for many of the retailers as it could help more people to save money.

The Covid-19 has caused an economic recession in the country which would take time to cover up. People have changed their spending habits due to this Covid-19 effects and now the people are not spending in a way that they used to. This is one of the reason that people are looking for discounts, offers and free stuff. So the companies are trying to provide discount and vouchers, so that they could gain some new customers and they could retain their loyal customers too.

Now the business tactics has changed and the companies have now realized that the old method of advertising in not as effective as it was in the past. Companies have spent millions of euros in the past on the advertising so that they could draw more customers. Freebies can be much more effective than the conventional type of advertising as the money is directly spent on the customer rather than an advertising agency. Now due to the lockdown, companies are mailing their products as free samples and gifts to their loyal customers because the companies know that their success lies in locating the type of people who are interested in their products. So when a company finds a customer who is interested in their product, they try to make them loyal to their product by sending sample or sending them free product as a welcome or thank you gesture.

As I told you that the freebies are much more effective than the conventional method of advertising because it could benefit a company in two different ways. First is that, the company could draw more attention to a product as people will fall for a product that is free and secondly it encourage individuals to become advertisers. Whenever a person gets a free stuff, he or she is likely to show off it to his or her friends and family members. That can improve the business of a particular company.

So now companies do not go for the Newspaper, TV or magazines advertisings and they simple spend it to provide free samples to the customers. So now as almost every company is following the trend, so that’s means that you can get your hands on all type of free stuff like magazines, stationary, movies, food etc.


How to Get these Freebies?

So now you know the importance of the freebies, so it is time that you should go for it. There are number of ways by which you can get free stuff like joining the rewards programmes, asking for the samples, complaining about a product or taking survey.

One of the easiest way of getting your hands on free stuff is to sign up for the Just Free Stuff newsletter of a company or a store. The companies usually send discounted codes and vouchers in their newsletter so that means you can simply get your codes and use them whenever you visit the store.

Another simple method of getting discounted code and vouchers for an item that you are likely to buy is to simply do a search on Google. Simply write the name of the company or the product and write voucher code, discount voucher or discount code ahead of it. This will help you to get that product for a lower amount. There are a lot of stores which will help you to get  a gift if you use a voucher code at a checkout or you can get offers like buy 2 get one for free.

Other than that you can also get coupons, discounts and vouchers from websites as there are websites available which are devoted only for discounts. Websites like and are the platforms where you can find online vouchers, printable vouchers and voucher code apps. Other than these websites there are online forums from where you can get the knowledge about discount and vouchers. On these forums most of the posts are done by the users themselves, so if you know any you can tell the others too.

So, by simply using the voucher & coupons you can save money on your grocery, entertainment and other essentials budgets. So, get ready to get a lot of savings this time as you know how to do it.



Posted on: May 13, 2021