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How to Read Books for Free

It is common saying that a room without books feels like a body without a soul. Books can be the best friend of a person that gives them the knowledge they were looking for. They help you escape the unreal world and you can exceed the limits of your imagination. Books are one of the best and most prominent way of learning and it inspires people to do better things in life. Books are always important and it is necessary that people could access them for free.

The reason that United Kingdom has a large number of libraries and people can access them for free is the Public Libraries Act of 1850. In 1850, it was made compulsory that public must have access to free information and then a number of libraries were established in the country. Hence there is a lot of places in the country from where you can access free books. With a large number of libraries, you can also access the internet for free books for free books, magazines, journals and audio books.

To access the conventional way of book reading you can visit the nearest library and to find a library near you, you can open the map and search for libraries there. It will show a list of libraries near you. Although there are certain disadvantages of borrowing a book instead of buying like you have to return the book before the deadline or you have to take care of the book very gently. Incase of late submission or torn pages, you will have to pay a fine. On the other hand, if you have bought a book, you do not have to worry about the above mentioned issues and you can read the book whenever or wherever you want, like in your bedroom or in the camp if you are on a tour.

So to solve this issue, there is an app that you can use. An app named Read It Swap helps you to swap your books with other members. It is basically a free online book reading club where you can find the book you want. All you need to do is to search for the book you want with the writers name and you can find a lot of them there. Once you get a book you want, you will have to make sure that the other member must agree for a book from your list. If both of you agree for a swap, then you have to post the books to one another and after that when you receive the books, you will have to confirm the status on the app. The only cost involved in this process is the amount of post that you will have to pay and it is much lower than buying a book.

If you do not want to get involved in the conventional method of book reading, you can access the internet. In this case, you will need a tablet or a Kindle. Kobo is one of the places where you can access to free e-books and you can download the one you want for free. Another place where you can download free books is Free e-Books, you will have to sign up in order to get access. If you have a standard membership, you can download 5 books in a single month in Txt or PDF format. Just like this iTunes and Google Play Books also offers millions of free books for people to read for free.

If you have ever lived in an hostel, then you must have known that every hostel has a bookcase that has been filled with books by the residents, these books are either donated by the people or was left behind by the people who lived here. You can simply take one with you or you can exchange a book if you want.

Book List Challenge is a place where you can find all type of books from the classics to the newest for free. You will also find suggestions for you about what to read.

1001 Books You Must Read before you Die, as the name suggests this place is full of reviews about the books that you must read before you die, you can get a lot of information from here. If you are not sure about what to read, then you can take help from the flow chart named as the ‘Summer Ready’ from the Teach.com.

If you think that you are a good reader then you must join the book clubs as they are an excellent way of socializing with people like yourself and you can also get hands on free books. My Book Club and the Meetups are the famous international book reading clubs that you can join to get hands on free books.

So this was all from my side today, let us know how was your experience with the books and what kind of reading you like the most, the conventional one or reading online? Do comments in the comments section.