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How to Get Free Hair Products

This is the perfect guide for getting free hair products as the market is so big. Almost everything including from shampoo, conditioner to hairspray and dry shampoo, we are obsessed with having keeping our locks at a new condition, but they all actually come at a great cost.

But like other freebies there are many quick and much easier ways by which you can get free hair products? It is true! Check out the ways by which you can get hair products as a freebie.

You Can Become a Product Tester

There are now a lot of product testing websites that want your feedback in return for trying a product. Product testing programs may come straight from your favorite hair brand or testing team, both of which work in similar ways. You will be sent a few hair products in exchange for reviewing online.

My favorite test sites are here:

Boots – Keep a new secret volunteer team where you can test new products before they hit the market, if logins are not open now, bookmark this and then check because they open records throughout the year

Super Savvy Me – This is a great team to sign up for, they always have a lot of loads to grab, including this mega pantry bundle I got for free last year. All I had to do was talk about my hair strands (thick and greasy – yuck!) And then they sent me a lot, which is fab, because I would never have tried this brand, everything I buy now, useful work on their part! Don’t forget to join their service circle for more chances to get free scores

TRND – You can do all sorts of experiments on this website, but they mostly have hair and beauty devices that come in bulk like Batiste dry shampoos – sign me up!

BZZAGENT – Catch lots of hair accessories, sign up and fill in all your reviews and they will select the right products to test you

Some Beneficial Ways to Get Free Hair Stuff in Exchange for Review

Well, it may seem good to be true, but I tell you, it works.

Whether you are a popular, influential blogger or a person who loves a particular brand, the old adage ‘you don’t ask, you won’t get’ still applies. However, it is better to be persuaded that it benefits them than you get a free.

Always be polite and start by appreciating the products and mention what loyal customer you have been to their brand over the years. It may lead you to notice that you have a new or different product that you want to try in return for a review on your blog or their website.

Sometimes they will send you the full range of product, but at least you will get some hair products and coupons for your next purchase discount. A free is a free, isn’t it?

Get Free Hair Product Samples Online

There are many ways you can get free hair products online, which is all about knowing where to look. If you find these offers online.

Start searching for free online:

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Check out your favorite brand websites, sign up for their newsletter and follow them on all social media, so you can get freebies before anyone else.

First join our secret Facebook group to learn about all the best freebies like ‘So Post’ freebies – these always go very fast and only require a quick online form in less than a minute (sometimes they even email you an authorization code for your form)

All of these are easy to do and take less than a minute to apply. Check out how to apply for free with our guide on how to get free stuff – it’s full of simple tips and tricks!

Wait … Are there more ways to get hair free?

Claim for Free Hair Product Samples At Your Local Store

If you pop with your local department store such as Debenhams or House of Fraser, you will always find friendly hair and makeup experts at every hair and beauty salon, full of tips on how to keep your locks intact.

With that advice, sometimes they will hand over free hair cuties like shampoo samples or conditioning hair treatments – oh I feel good!

Remember to be nice and polite and not make it clear that you are free. Take their advice as well. You will be amazed to see what you learn from them!

Win Free Hair Stuff and Bundles

This is a very exciting way to beat free hair cuties yourself, but it’s hard for me to say, because the chances of you winning depend on luck, how much to give and many factors.

Still, these are so much fun to enter, if you win, you will get some fancy new hair products!

There are a lot of contests and figuring out how to find and enter these can be a minefield, so I’ve created a guide to help you win free stuff from the set.

Here are some sites that offer the best hair bundles and offers:

– Emerald Street

– Stylist

– Look Magazine

– Glamour Magazine

– Loading more!

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