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How To Earn Cash By Trash

It is an important time for our earths environment and it is our duty to keep the earth clean but have you ever thought that by doing this, you could earn money? Yes you heard it right, I have talked about money and there are some ways through which you can earn money from your trash. The greenhouse effect is seriously causing issues for us and it could affect our upcoming generations and lacking in waste disposals is one of the reasons. So for that reason there are some ways to encourage you to save your planet and earn cash for that. I am sure that they are worth giving a try. So instead of throwing the useless stuff that is causing clutter, use it to earn money.

So, now let us discuss some of the ways through which you can earn money by selling your trash.

1. Plastic Bottles

One of the biggest reason of world pollution and specially the sea’s pollution is plastic products. These products are hazardous to aquatic life. So it is important to dispose off them well. Well there is also a way to earn money from these plastic bottles as they can recycled.

A company named Tesco has installed machines which takes plastic bottles for cash. Tesco is basically a worldwide retail company with its Headquarters at the United Kingdom. You can only find these machines at 5 of their stores which are located in Swansea, Manchester, Edinburgh, Borehamwood and Birmingham.

This project was started in 2018 and 100,000 bottles were recycled in the first year alone. A bottle of plastic can be sold for 10 pence and that is a good amount for a single bottle. That means if you sell 10 bottles, you can get a Pound.

The plastic problem is growing globally and I am sure that other companies will also start paying for old plastic just like Tesco.


2. Boxcycle

Do you have any cardboard boxes at your house? Have you thrown the boxes in to dustbin thinking of that that they are not worthy? If you have done this then you have missed an earning opportunity. If you have any type of cardboard boxes of any size, you can sell them online at Boxcycle. Boxcycle is working with a purpose of recycling old used boxes to make the earth a better place.

To sell your boxes at Boxcycle, you will have to create a listing at their website and when someone needs boxes, they will contact and you can schedule a time when they can pick up the boxes. Once the person pickups the boxes and verifies at the sites, the site will pay you. You can ask for a cash out via PayPal and there is no minimum amount requirement as you can cash out any time.


3. Junk Batteries

Did your car battery just died? Or you have a dead battery at home which you cannot use. If you have, then instead of throwing that away, try to earn cash from it. If your vehicle needs a new battery, then instead of throwing the old one, trade it for cash or for discount when you buy a new battery. When you want to buy a new battery, many of the stores are offering discount or a lower price if you are willing to give away the old battery. This happens in most of the cases and you can get a new battery for a lower price. If your store is not willing to pay a discounted price, there are other places where you can sell the old battery. Your scrap dealers or sites like Gumtree are willing to buy old batteries for cash.

4. Old Appliances

Old appliances are not the kind of stuff that you generally throw away but when there is a newer model or when the old one is not in use, then there is no purpose of generating clutter inside the home and the best option is to get rid of it. So when you want to get rid of your old appliances, instead of throwing it away, sell them for cash, it is always profitable then throwing it away.

The amount of money that you can get from an old device depends upon on the number of factors, such as the condition of the device, whether it is working or not or how old is it. You can sell them on your yard sale or sites like Craigslists, eBay or Facebook Marketplace.


5. Un-Recyclable Stuff

When it comes to the un-recyclable stuff, it is difficult to get away with it as they are of no profit but there is a company named TerraCycle that will pay you for recycling the un-recyclables. Un-Recyclables includes stuff like the snack bags, drink pouches, tooth brush etc. You will earn points on this site for recycling such stuff and these points can be used for charities and you can also get prizes.

This company has produced a way to earn money from the useless things that were of no profit. Thus now working for our environment can bring in cash too.


Eliminating the causes of pollution is the utmost responsibility of every citizen and if we can get some cash from it, it can be a great fun. Making money is not as difficult as it is said to be and now we can make it easily by selling our trash. Thus instead of throwing your stuff every time, use these methods listed above to make a profit. Let us know about what do you think about these methods and how can we earn more.