How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

When it comes to home decor it is a quite expensive thing. If you want your home to look amazing than do not follow TV or magazines because they will tell you about the most expensive ways only. In this article I will give you some tips about saving money on your home and after reading the article I am sure you will enable yourself to save hundreds of pounds. You can easily understand what type of material you need to furnish your home and what kind of household you need to live comfortably. If you bargain savvy, then you are likely to decorate your home for a very little price.

Here is a list of the ideas that will help you to furnish your entire home for less than £150 or even free.


  1. Freebies

Sometimes people want to get rid from extra furniture at their home so that is why they give it away for free. You can easily find all kind of furniture online from small items to big at a suitable rate or sometimes for free, but you need to spend some time on browsing. Here are some sites where you can find furniture at lesser price:


This site provides all type of furniture for free. You can find everything here like dining tables, beds, sofas and many more. The problem is that you must pick the items yourself and if you do not have a car than it may be little bit difficult.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a fantastic place for bargaining where you find different kind of items as like Gumtree. This site is much simpler than the other sites and can help you make a good deal.


This is a grassroots global organisation that join people together who want to get rid of unwanted stuff. Anyone can join Freecycle group to buy the stuff if they want. There will be no more unwanted stuff for landfills if we swap and share.

Free loved

The free loved website has a complete section of free stuff and on this site, you will find a lot of bargains.


This site is the UK’s huge marketplace where we can easily swap, sell, trade with same kind of people on national and international level.


  1. Store you Should Consider

Argos is one of the top places where you should be looking if you want to furnish your home. If you want to furnish your home on a budget than look for Argos and here you find all kind of stuff to furnish your home on a very reasonable price. Another place is Ikea and this retailer always offers affordable prices for all kind of household stuff. Wilko is one of the best places to get bargains for your home, especially kitchen items.


  1. Donate your Old Furniture

As you are buying a new furniture, you need to get rid of the old one and the best way to do is to donate it. You can visit the council website about the furniture re-cycling scheme and if they have they would take the furniture and donate it to someone who needs it. Four Square in Edinburgh is one of the organisations that offer free furniture recycling scheme.

If you do not use the furniture you have then contact with Furniture Re-use Network and Homeless Northern Ireland because they will donate it to poor families who are unable to furnish their homes.


  1. Some Simple Tricks

The most important thing is that you should not spend money on useless ideas because your goal is to furnish your home on a lower budget. Buying things by using smart methods can save you some cash. Here are some ideas that help you in saving some cash like

  • Arrange party at home and swap the items with your friends and neighbours.
  • Shop from used items shops like Oxfam
  • Shop from eBay
  • Stop from yard sales


  1. The Final Calculations

Bedroom items

You can buy double bed with mattress, wardrobe and chest of drawers and sofa beds from Gumtree for free and bed side table for £18, curtains for £13 , table lamp for £5.50  from Ikea and duet cover & pillowcases for £4.80 from Argos.

Living room items

You can buy 3-seater sofa and mirror 7ft x 4ft from Gumtree for free and Art prints at a price of £3.49 from the range and functional dinner set for £7 from Wilko and lounge curtains for £7.99 from eBay and coffee table from Facebook market for free.

Bathroom items

You can buy shower curtains for £0.98 and towel set for £1.79 from Amazon and 3-piece bathroom set for £2.50 from Argos and bath mate for £1.25 from Ikea.

Kitchen items

You can buy saucepan set for £12, 16 piece cutlery set for £5.00, roll top plastic bin for £6.00, cordless kettle for £6.00, 2 slice toasters for £6.00 from Wilko and IKEA kitchen cabinet doors from Gumtree for free and 3 piece kitchen utensil set for £1.25 Ikea.

Posted on: June 9, 2021