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Great Tips to Get Free Makeup & Beauty Products

If you are a big fan of makeup and use to do so then you will know how expensive it actually is. Makeup do give you a new gorgeous look but not everyone in this planet get the use of it.

But don’t need to worry there are many ways by which anyone can get free makeup products. Usually the big brands give away their stuff for fully free. Some of these brands are MAC, Estee Lauder, GLAMGLOW, Benefit, bare minerals and many more to follow.

So don’t need to do anything else just keep an eye on the below steps as they can hugely assist you to get the expensive makeup products without spending a single penny.

Why Do Companies Offer Free Makeup?

Beauty brands offer free samples to promote their company and their products.

Free samples allow you to ‘try before you buy’. Companies believe that if you want to try a product for free, you are more likely to buy it again in the future. Brands like to stand out from the crowd and free models are a great way to do just that!

There are various methods to get free makeup and beauty equipment, so keep reading, try and test how.

Get Free Makeup Stuff from Company Payments

One of the easiest ways to get free beauty products is through online payments. Social media has revolutionized the way we shop, with many brands cutting multiple sites to connect with consumers and intermediaries.

In order to promote a new product or generate interest in a brand, beauty companies run free sample payments. These are usually first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you apply immediately when you hear about them.

The best way for you to test a product for free before buying beauty models.

Get these makeup free as much as you can:

  • Free Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer
  • Free Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  • Free Versace Dylan Blue Scent – Remove ad block and scroll to claim.

Get Free Makeup Accessories as Part of Product Review Trials

What are ways by which a company know if their product is good or not? Or does the customer believe that a product actually does what it says?

By conducting and reading honest reviews from real people – just like you and me.

Huge beauty brands often product review sites where people sign up to test a new product for free instead of honest reviews. You should test new products that you do not usually try, and companies build their reputation and review ratings.

Plus, most of the products you get are full-sized – what a hit!

Register today for these product review panels for free:

  • Boots Volunteer Panel
  • ELEMIS Review Panel
  • Glamor Beauty Club
  • The Insiders
  • Philips Product Tester

Please enter as much information as possible (in detail) when signing up for product review plans. Members are selected for campaigns based on certain conditions, so you will be selected for the additional information you provide.

Get Monthly Beauty Free at Debenhams Beauty Club

Debenhams Beauty Club is a definite option at JustFreeStuff. Every month a new beauty free is released in stores to claim ownership by members. Products range from cosmetics and toiletries to perfumes, which are always of decent size and quality.

In recent months we are lucky to be able to request some fab beauty freebies including plain minerals skin longevity serum, full range of ritual shower foam, Gucci Bloom E T Burp and KIEHL’s nourishing body oil.

Become a member today and check out your JustFreeStuff emails when the next payment is available. Pop up at your nearest Debenhams store, show them your card and ask for your free!

Members of the Debenhams Beauty Club receive free Benefit Pro wax on their birthdays. How Fab Is It?

Be sure to sign up today to join the Debenhams Beauty Club for free.

Get Free Makeup at Beauty Counters

If you have a specific beauty product that catches your eye, you can request a free sample of it by asking at the beauty counter.

Most customers will choose the models to deliver to potential customers.

Buying a foundation is one of the hardest cosmetic products, when free samples really come in handy. To make sure a shade matches your skin tone and the foundation is right for your skin type, it is not enough to test it on your hand in store.

The best way to test a new foundation is to get a model that you can wear for a day or two in your daily life. That way, you can check what the base coverage is for you, the texture fits exactly on your skin and you can check if the color fits right.

Brands like Bobbi Brown, SD Lauder, Dior and CLARINS all offer free foundation models when you are interested in their beauty counter. The next time you are at Debenhams, House of Fraser or any other beauty salon store, tell a professionally trained makeup artist that you are eager to test a new foundation and they will order you according to your needs.

It’s a good idea to ask for free samples when a store isn’t busy. Avoid a busy lunch and try to get inside early in the morning. The seller can spend time talking to you and you can choose the free samples

Be interested in the product – it is worth doing some research beforehand, so you sound like a serious shopper, not just someone after a freebie

Overall, be kind and polite and your efforts will pay off

Get Free Makeup Stuff by Winning Competition

Another way to score free beauty devices is by entering the competition. Although the odds of success are not guaranteed, it takes a very short time to apply and the prizes are usually higher than the free payouts.

Check out the free contests tab for all the latest beauty contests. We check every match we post so you can safely enter with the knowledge that the match is regular.

Get Free Makeup Stuff from Magazines

Despite living in a planet where actually the world of internet is slowly taking over, the magazines are still out there, and also the number of freebies that come with them.

In the past, free Benefit Eyelid Dye Blend and Bronzer, RODIAL Face Mask Set, Nails Inc. We found varnish, Percy & Reed hair balm and more, all of which are 100% free with magazines. Stay up to date with all the latest press releases on the site.

Get Free Makeup Through Online Orders

If you have a knack for ordering your makeup or beauty products online, make sure you do more to get free samples with your orders.

Seen in recent times on beauty websites like Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and Colt Beauty. These beauty and health websites allow you to buy high quality beauty accessories from the comfort of your own home, and they often even blow up free samples.

There are unique offers for testing new products and finding the right one for you. With the Big ‘N’ Mix program, you have five models to choose from over 500 different products. You have to pay £3.95 shipping fee, but it is 100% refundable against future purchase through the site.

Here are some of the websites and brands where you can get free samples with online orders:

  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Cult beauty
  • Clarins
  • MAC

So there you have it! All the ways you can get free makeup and free beauty accessories both online and in store. Have you got any beauty free tips and tricks I missed?