Freebies for Kids – Spoil your Kids & Save Money for Free

Raising a children will probably be one of the greatest accomplishments you have ever made in your life, but on the other hand it is probably the most expensive one too. How it actually was to have free stuff for the kids along with the savings? Yeah it obviously great as it hugely assist to reduce some of the expenses.

Well, you’re very lucky, because we’ve got some fab kids freebies that will help you stick to your budget.

Free Baby Food & Snacks

Whether they are kids or twins, there are ways to cut down on your weekly supermarket food store and help keep your baby’s stomach healthy and happy.

Free Food At Specific Supermarket Apps

I like supermarkets because they offer so many freebies! Two of my favorites to download for free are SHOPMIUM and Checkout Smart, but QUIDCO Click snap, Top Cashback Snap & Save and Green Gin are the best to save money on your food shopping bill.

You can get all types of babies:

– Free Cow & Gate Snacks

– Free Little Dish Food and Snacks

– Free milkshake drinks

– Free baby yoghurts

Lots more! Simply pick up your item in the store and upload the application for your receipt and you will receive 100% cashback directly on your bank or PayPal account.

Some Free Coupons for Kids Meals

There are often simple coupons that pop up from brands that offer a free product, and baby food companies want to give these away in the hope that you will pick them up next time.

Previous coupons include free GOODFELLA’s Kids pizzas, bird’s eye fish fingers and more.

The best ways to find these coupons are as follows:

– Sign up for our newsletter to get daily updates on the latest freebies

– Follow your favorite brands and companies on social media (Facebook, Twitter and INSTAGRAM)

– Option to receive newsletters from your kid favorite food brands to get exclusive coupons

– Print out your coupons and take them with you on your next shopping trip. You will be amazed when you see your total fall with these amazing baby food freebies!

Free and Healthy Snacks for Children

With meals, you can get free snacks and healthy snacks for the kids! Cheap snacks are very hard to find, so this will help you.

Here are some ways to get these free healthy snacks:

Change 4 life – These individuals like to offer advice on healthy eating, and now they offer free healthy packages on their website that contain cute, healthy free baby things like yogurt coupons

Hope your kids enjoy these!

Can I Have a Free School Dinner for my Children?

Under the global free school meal system, every child at the reception is entitled to a free hot lunch for Year 1 and Year 2 in the UK and Wales.

Parents can apply for free meals if they request state benefits for older children, while free lunch is also provided for those seeking child asylum.

Free Entertainment for Children

Sometimes it is impossible to entertain children! Here are some free and budget-friendly tips and tricks for kids to get the free stuff they want.

Free Play Things for Kids

Encouraging your children to be active is important for their health and well-being, but some sports equipment is very expensive! There are some programs and competitions running throughout the year to make it easier for you.

These are:

– Sports 4 Schools – This provides free play equipment worth up to 500 for your child’s school

– Kids’ Tennis – Offers over 20,000 free tennis scams and lessons! Keep an eye out for 2018 records

It is worth keeping an eye on free things and competitions until the spring and summer holidays, as brands will run ads targeting children’s and sportswear this holiday season.

Some Ways to Watch Free Disney Movies

The Sky Store often runs ads to get a free DVD worth Skin 13.99! You do not have to buy any of their services. Sign up or sign in and follow the steps to request yours.

They have a large selection of recent children’s films, including traditional Disney.

Now when the TV registers with their exclusive codes the movie also enables payments for free movie and entertainment passes worth 19.999, which we help you find and feature on our site.

British Case also runs free Sky Movie payments, lastly they offered 150,000 free passes to see the new Beauty & the Beast!

Keep an eye on all these brands and you can check out our Home and Kids section for all the latest pictures.

Free Things to do During the School Vacations

Half term holidays can get tedious for your kids quickly, but with the holidays and outdoor activities price increases during the school break, it is hard to do things with your kids when you are on a budget.

Check out our simple list of completely free things to do during the holidays with your kids. Our favorites are:

– Visiting the library

– Goes uphill

– Building a castle

There is a lot to choose from!

Free Children’s Stationery and Crafts

Kids love crafts and stationery, and now there are a lot of fun and creative things to do. The problem is, this hobby can add up quickly too!

Fortunately, there are a lot of free kid things they can enjoy for free, and it will last for a while.

Some of the best stationery and craft freebies are as follows: d

Free BBC Blue Planet Poster

I like the Blue Planet, don’t I? If your kids are fans of this spectacular show, you can get a free poster for their bedroom. It’s fun and educational!


Paper Chase Workshops

To help your kids unleash their creativity, Paper Chase runs free workshops during the holidays. The theme is often around the time of year e.g. Easter, Christmas and so on.

Make sure you keep an eye out when it’s near you and go down!

Please note, the workshop is free, but there are no supplies, but you will receive 30% or more of the stores when your children attend this event.

Toucan Boxes

I love these! Token Boxes is a Fab subscription every month loaded with fun and super awesome crafts and activities for your kids. Sign up today and get your first box for free.

Easy Ways to Get Free Toys for your Kids

Toys are very expensive and kids always want to have new gadgets with their partner. However, how do you keep that request?

Here are some ways to get free toys for your kids and keep them happy.

Apply as a product tester

Popular high street toy companies such as Arcos and Toys RS are always looking for ideas for their new toy testers to try their new products before going to market.

Imagine how many brownie points you will get when your kids play with the latest toys.

Do not tire if the apps are currently closed, bookmark the page and check again.

Enter contests to win free toys

Hundreds of contests are held online every day in stores and magazines. The only thing you need to do is just to look for them.

Contest sites like Gift Inventor and Contest Database are good places to start, and watching wrappers for ad purchase stems is also a good place to watch contests.

It’s important to remember that you will have a lot of competition, and some even do this for a living!

Follow your favorite mummy bloggers and enter their contests, which will have fewer entries. This will improve your chances of success.

For more ways to win competitions, start with our free competition guide.

Attend free toy events with nice bags

Smiths, The Entertainer and Toys R We all have amazing free events in their stores across the country, including free good bags with free treats!

Get free items for your kids in a nice bag like mini figures, business cards and many other treats.

These are often first come, first served, so it’s best to get there, go fast, and get your fingers crossed, you’ll get one of the few good bags.

Follow every toy company on social toys and register in their newsletters to be the first to know about upcoming events.

Free Lego for kids

Lego is still huge with kids! It is very precious. These blocks born in Denmark will delight your kids for hours, so wouldn’t it be great if you could get them for free?

The good news is, there are some ways you can get Lego freebies!

Creates free Lego Mini

Every month, Lego stores around the world call a free event for kid ages 6-14 called Monthly Mini Model Creation.

At this free event, kids will learn how to make a mini model and then take the free Lego mini framework home.

There is a new mini model to create every month, which gives kids the opportunity to create an amazing Lego collection!

It also improves their building skills and helps them meet other kids who are just as excited as Lego.

You must register in advance for the event each month. Gaps fill up fast, so sign up soon!

Free Lego Magazine

Enroll your kids in Lego Club Magazine to get a free magazine filled with puzzles, games and more! Once you have confirmed your child’s free registration, you will receive their free press release.

Did you know that you will get 4 more throughout the year when you register on their exclusive website? These are 5 free magazines that will keep you entertained for hours.



Posted on: July 9, 2021