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Free Kids Stuff – 18 Free Things to Do in Summer

Ah, summer vacations. As a child, for six weeks no school was a dream come true. But an adult?

It’s so much hard to save yourself from hearing the fear of ‘I’m bored’ … and expensive. How are you actually going to pull it off?

Fear not! We have created a big and beneficial list to save the kids from boredom and to get rid of stress from entertaining them this summer.

Need more free activities? Make sure you also check out our free days out page, which will be constantly updated with the best free days across the UK.

1. Go Towards the Park

Remember how much fun it was to go to the park and be pushed into the swings or circled around the roundabout? Treat your children with the same experience!

Find all the parks your local area has to offer and plan a cheap trip to the park. Go one step further and look at all the parks in your area and sit on every swing and your kids will love it!

2. Try to Visit the Library

The library is a wonderful place to go as a child, but it is a past that we as a nation will soon forget. Numerous libraries offer fun reading sessions with your favorite storybook characters, and you can find all the free library events on your local council page. The best part? Most libraries have an air con, perfect for enjoying an afternoon reading session! Find your nearest library.

3. Go Uphill

It certainly doesn’t have to be hard!

The National Foundation has child-friendly activities, and there is plenty to see! Pack a little water, take a map and move on. Check out the National Foundation website for inspiration for your next great outdoor adventure.


4. Learn Something New

Actually your little one’s brain is expanding constantly, so that’s why now is the perfect and best time for them to learn a new skill. Whether it’s reading a tool or introducing a new language, the world (or the internet) is their oyster this summer!

5. Take Snaps and Create an Album

The development of the smartphone has changed a lot of things, but slipping under the radar is a drastic fall of body photos. We all quickly take a photo on our phones, but how many times do we do anything with them (except upload them on Facebook and annoy our friends and family)?

Summer is the perfect time to wipe the camera (reasonably cheap to spend) and take lots of family pictures. Turn a customized album into a fun arts and craft project for your kids.

Kids grow up so fast, so these photos are the perfect way to create a summer souvenir that you and they will treasure.

6. Visit Free of Cost Museums

If there’s one thing the UK knows how to do, it’s a free museum. There are plenty in the UK, did you know that these popular ones are completely free?

  • Museum of Natural History
  • Imperial War Museums
  • Tate Galleries
  • National Gallery
  • British Museum

Check it out now for free musuems in your local area too!

7. Sell a Old Stuff at a Car Boot

Enjoy yourself and make money by arranging car boot sales. Visit your council website for more information about your nearest car boot location.

8. Start a Garden

Just start a garden rather than thinking that you are living in a concrete jungle or at other place.

This is a great way to teach your kids some responsibilities in a fun environment. The seeds are cheap and this activity is one that will last throughout the summer, which will keep your kids engaged and excited to see the end result.

9. See the Seen of Sunrise

It is basically a great one for all of the family members. Get up early, pack up for breakfast and drive nicely somewhere to watch the sunrise. There is something incredibly reflective about this, which will be a beautiful family moment you can look back on.

10. Move towards the Beach

If the weather is good, there is no better activity than a trip to the beach. Take your clothes, towels and a picnic and go to your nearest beach. Chase the seagulls, run in and out of the waves, and you treat yourself to some fish and chips. Yum!

11. Ride a Bike

There are countless ways you can visit and ride in the UK. Find a good local track near you and tie your helmet and go.

12. Build a Castle

This is one of my favorites. In those days when unpredictable British weather was not in our favor, hide in your living room with your children and build a castle. Play inside or leave with a movie, perfect!

13. Start a Package

The time of summer is actually the perfect time to start a collection! Stamps, Coins, Anything – The Choice Is Yours! Not all collections are expensive, and you won’t break the bank that collects things like congers. I have fun!

14. Go on a Tour

Instead of eating your lunch at home or paying a ridiculous amount when attracting tourists, why not pack for a picnic with items you already have in your fridge? It is very inexpensive and is another mini adventure for your kids.

15. Attend a Local Free Event

There are tons of free events going on near you, all you have to do is visit your local council website and you can see what events are coming up. This includes free festivals, community gatherings and more for free!

16. Camp in your Backyard

Take your kids on an adventure in your backyard! Take all the essentials and camp through the night so your kids will love it.

17. Encourage Them to Write a Story and Share it with Family

Your kids have a wonderful imagination, so why not feed it and encourage them to write a story? You can help them along the way and then look on proudly as they deliver it to the family.

18. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Lastly, not the least, this idea will keep kids entertained for hours! Arrange a treasure hunt with fun puzzles as clues and hide them around the house and outside. Great fun!

So they are, our best free ways to entertain your kids this summer. If you have any, let us know!