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Best ideas for Free Entertainment in this Lockdown

This Pandemic has really been a test and has changed our life styles a lot. Some of the peoples are blessed to work from home while the others have to still visit their offices. If you are at work or you are isolating at your home with your family members or kids, it could be very difficult to find sources of entertainment at your house. There are limited sources of entertainment available at your home so it could be difficult sometimes to entertain the kids or yourself and if that happens you can end up in having negative thoughts. So it is an important to keep yourself entertained and filled with positive energy. So, to solve this problem I have bought up a list of free entertainment ideas that you can use to entertain your family. You do not have to pay any cent as they all are free and you can avail them at your home.

National Theatre at Home

As you know that the National Theatre of the Great Britain is closed temporarily due to the pandemic but you can still enjoy the shows at your home through their streaming services. This could be your favourite time spending option. You can visit their website for details of shows and you can also use their application to get access to free shows.


Virtual Rides

Like the idea of Virtual Rides, just like the virtual tours it is possible to take virtual rides. So in this lockdown, you do not have to visit the parks or amusement parks to take rides, you can enjoy the rides at your home. You simply have to open the website of Universal Studios and there you can watch a lot of different videos there.


Learn to Play Guitar

If you love music then this summer you can learn guitar for free in your home. Fender has created a free trail for people who want to learn guitar. The lessons are very easy and interacting and this turns guitar learning in to a fun. You can enjoy the free trail and if you are not willing you learn further, you can cancel anytime.


Marvel Comics

If you are getting bored at home, you can read Marvel Comics for free on the Comixology. If you are a Marvel fan, then this could be your heaven as you can get your favourite start comics for free. You can also browse for the other stars like The Hulk etc.


Virtual Tours

As the travel restrictions are imposed, it is difficult for the people to travel around the world. So instead of taking physical tours this year, you can take virtual tours. Due to the pandemic many tourist places has offered free virtual tours for people. You can visit the Great Wall of China, Disney Land and the Great Barrier Reef at your home at your computer or mobile screen. That means this year, you won’t miss any of your plans and you can visit all the places you want by taking their virtual tours.


London Virtual Tour

Like I said above, it is now not a difficult task to visit the places you like. You can enjoy a complete virtual tour of London for free, Visit London has created an online map which has a 360 degree photograph of each landmark. This could be one of your kids trip which they can enjoy without the fear of pandemic.


Take a Virtual Tour of Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is one of the finest places in London where you can take your kids to learn and enjoy, but due to the pandemic it is not possible to visit the museum physically. Google Arts and Culture has made it possible to take a virtual tour of Natural History Museum for free from your home. You can use their site to visit the museum and see all of its fantastic exhibitions.


 Enjoy with Zoo Animals

Google AR & VR has made it possible to feel and enjoy the beautiful creatures and places of the world. This new feature of Google has made it possible to have fun with the zoo animals at your home. All you have to do is to search for the animal name that you like and then click on the ‘View in 3D’ button. By simply doing this you can enjoy your days with animals for free.


Rosetta Stone Language Learning

If you have a kid at your home, who is currently home schooling then you can also engage him/her in a better activity. Learning new language can have many benefits and if your kid is a student you can enrol them for free in Rosetta Stone Language Learning. All you have to do is to choose the language you want to learn, email address, name and your kids school name.

Create Art and Win Prizes

Another way to spend your time well is to take part in Las luganas art competition. If you win the competition, you can earn a £100 gift card that you can use in one of their restaurants once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. So this could be a fun task if you are an art lover, you can do that by your own and if you want your kid to take part then you will have to supervise him as the competition requires you to make something artistic that you can photograph and send it to them, According to their suggestions, you can make a potato art or you can mow your lawn to make something interesting, you can also use Microsoft Paint to make something eye-catching. Some of the favourite entries will be displayed on their social media pages. Thus this could be a fun task and worth time taking.


Playing with the paper Airplanes

If you are tired of using the computers then you do not need to worry because the arts and crafts activities can be done easily at home. One of the simplest idea of the art is to take your paper airplane game and technique to the next level. This is one of the old school ideas but if you are tired of the computer or your kids are tired from the home schooling, you can allow them to enjoy and take a break by playing with paper airplanes. You can also try to make the gliders and other pro versions of the paper airplane.


Grow your Peas

If you want to learn planting or gardening or want your kids to learn this technique then this lockdown time is the best time to do so. So if you have space in your home where the sun blooms then you can order your free seeds kit from Innocent and can take a start. To make an order, you will have to visit their website and there you will find a ‘Let’s Grow’ button, click on that button and follow the steps. Your seeds kit will be posted to you with an instruction manual. The instruction manual makes it easy for the beginners to take a start.


Spend your time Playing Cards against Humanity

Of course it is known that the card against the humanity is not a game to be played with the family but you will be amazed to know that they have completely rewritten their game in to a family friendly version. You can visit their website to download their family friendly game and remember you will need a printer to print the game and play. If you are still looking for the adult version then you can look through the Evil Apples app.


Download Free Books

Everyone loves books and when you are getting it for free, nothing could be much better. Stories Help is a platform created by the Audible which you can use to stream in to audiobooks. This website helps young readers to read books without paying anything. You can stream the website on your computer or phone for unlimited hours for free.


Read Magazines and Books for free with Scribd

This is one of the sites that adults must look for to get access to books for free. Scribd is a go to place if you want to relax and read novel, magazines and books for free. In this tough routine, Scribd can help you to get some quality time with books for free. You will have to make an account on their website and one of the best thing is that you do not have to link your card with it. So you can cancel after the 30 days trail period is over.


David Walliams Audiobooks

David Walliams is one of the Britain’s most favourite comedian, actor and writer. The books of David Walliams are usually loved by the kids. So if you are tired of home schooling your kids then you must try David Walliams audiobooks. All you need to do is to visit their website named as the World of David Walliams and there a new audiobook is released every day at 11am sharp. You can access all the previously uploaded audiobooks for free whenever you want.


Take Help from Twinkl

This platform will help you for your kid’s home schooling. This is a platform that focuses on educational resources completely. The courses here are designed by expert teachers and if you use there courses for your kids you will find a complete scheme of work, assessments and lesion planning. This will make the teaching process much simpler and easier. Usually this platform cannot be accessed for free but due to the pandemic, they are offering all their resources for free.


Support the NHS by sending a Free Postcard

NHS is the national funded health care system of England which needs support of people like you to provide services. They have some beautiful postcard design which you can use to send messages to your friends and family. By using their postcards you can help your kids learn something old fashioned and they will get to know that there are other means of communication other than the digital ones. There is a postage and packaging fee for these postcards that you will have to pay.




So this was a list of all the free activities that you can do in this lockdown. I hope you will spend your time well by using these activities. Do comment in the section below and let us know how you feel