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Best 8 Ways to Make Money with Your Car

Did you ever think that you can make money with your car? Running a car is an expensive business. The cost of purchasing the car, maintaining it, fuel and insurance all add up. Now is the time to start paying for your car yourself, considering the future value.

Here are eight ways you can use your car to make money.

1. Make £100 a Month With Ads on your Car

How does it work?

Did you know that you will sometimes see a poster on a bus or a logo on a taxi?

Companies will pay you to place ads in your car. You get paid for changing your car: Basically, a portable billboard.

This is called auto wrapping and you can earn around 100 a month to do it!

Am I eligible?

You should consider:

– Clean driving license

– Current MOT and road tax for the vehicle

– Insurance valid for the contract period

There is no hope for drunk driving, murder or dangerous driving.

What should I be wary of?

Your car’s ads can be added and picked up without spoiling your paint job, and there will be full insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Every company operates differently. Some will ask you to drive a certain number of miles before you get paid, while others will match the advertising fee with your regular routine.

However, we will provide a cautionary note about this method of making money.

For some reason, car wrapping attracts more than the fair share of fraudsters. It is important to thoroughly research a company before deciding to hand over information and getting ads on your car.

2. Make Some Cash With Your Car – Via Your Number Plate

How does it work?

The right number plate can get a fortune!

‘25O ’is the most expensive number ever sold by TVLA. It was purchased in 2014 by Ferrari dealer John Collins. The plate is expected to boast a one-time Ferrari 250SWP owned by Eric Clapton. It costs 18 518,000 (number plate, not Ferrari!)

Is my number plate value?

They make a good collecting opportunity, but the number plate you have now is likely to have some value.

If you have a word on your number plate, someone can pay a fair bit to get their hands on it.

Although it does not pronounce a word, it may contain popular initials. This will again entice people to spend good money to own it.

If you think your number plate is valuable, you can get a free rating from sites like carreg.co.uk.

The places where you can sell your number plate are as follows:

– Gumtree

– EBay

– Rectangles

– New Wreck

– National numbers


3. Take a Portion of a Car Boot Sale and Cash in Your Pre-owned Items

How does it work?

No, this is not a scam. Participating in car boot sales is the best way to make money on your car!

Most of us have loads of unused or unwanted items that we can sell for a bit of money. Get the car boot sale as it is a great way to do this.

How do I get started?

This is an opportunity to find out what’s going on around your house, which may be worth some, and load it into your car’s boot.

Use a site like Car Boot Junction or Your Lock to find a good place to sell. Make sure you come early so you can get to the best place.

4. Make Money on Your Car by Becoming a Driving Instructor

What are the benefits?

For many, becoming a driving instructor can be a daunting task. Benefits include flexible working hours, the opportunity to become your own employer and earn 20- £ 30,000 potential income.

Am I eligible?

If you are serious about a career as a driving instructor, here are some things you need to know. You must:

Keep a full UK driving license

Must have a driver’s license for at least four years

You were not disqualified from driving four years ago to apply to join the Driving Standard Agency’s Registrar of Driving Instructors.

Notify any points on your license for the last six years. If you have six or more points, you may struggle to get a driving instructor’s training class

Send a Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DPS) check. All offenses (not just motor driving) will be taken into account when determining your qualifications as a driving instructor because you will obviously work alone with your clients.

Be nice to people! Do you have patience, calm, and good at explaining things clearly? Do not underestimate the importance of this – many do not have these skills!

Pass three tests: driving theory, practical driving skills and teaching skills. These tests are not easy – the pass rate is one-third

How can I train as a driving instructor?

You have to be dedicated if you want to be a driving instructor. Training can take anywhere from a year to 18 months to complete, and anything, from 500 to 2,500 – 4,000,000.

5. Become a Courier

What are the benefits?

Being a courier is the best way to make money on your car. You do not need to leave your job or invest any money – just do as much work as you can.

What is Courier Entail?

As a courier you will deliver the parcels in your vehicle to their destination, on time and with minimal hassle.

You will be self-employed, but you have contracts with various courier companies. All work is recorded by you and the company, and you invoice the company at the end of the week or month.

Obviously, if you plan to deliver a lot of stuff, it makes sense to have a bigger vehicle. You don’t have to offer bulk items, but it’s important to have enough space for some items if you’re really going to use it.

How much can I earn as a courier?

The average salary of a UK courier is 25,000. This will vary considerably depending on how much time you can spend.

Remember, if you become a courier, do not forget to declare the domestic income, so you pay the right amount of tax, and then you will not get bad penalties.

6. Raise £1,000 With Your Old Tax Disc

How does it work?

The paper line disk may be a thing of the past, but you do not throw away yours. It may be worth a good amount (we warned you)!

Admittedly your tax disk is not very valuable at this particular moment (on average since 1926 tax disks have only sold for £ 40). But all you need to have is some patience because, the value will increase.

People (veterinarians) actually collect tax disks. It has been selling for £810 per disk since 1921.

Like stamps, your line disk can become a rare compiler. A veterinarian might be willing to pay big bucks for it!

Is my tax disc value cash?

Collectors are often excited to claim that they have an ‘early’ and ‘last’ version of the items they collect. So this may be your last line disk, it is highly desirable.

If there is a line disk without paper drilled around it, you are in luck. TVLA ran out of paper at the end, which means your disk is rare!

Remember, take care of it while you wait until your disk is valuable. Any damage will directly reduce the value.

7. Monetize your Workspace With Car Sharing

How does it work?

Why travel alone when you can cash in your empty seats?

To do this, whether you work every day or make a trip to visit your family on the weekends, look at the regular trips you make. Find out if anyone you know is going the same way.

If you have a co-worker who usually gets on the train, why not come forward and give them a lift in return for contributing to the petrol money?

We all know the cost (and hassle of delays) of train travel. This way, you will save them money and create some yourself.

If you can fill all of your empty seats, you can completely cover your fuel bill.

8. Make Money in your Car By Doing the School Run

How does it work?

A lot of parents are not able to run the school, so they are happy to pay for the school-run aya.

As a school running nanny, it may be your job to drop off or pick up children from school. You should supervise them during their homework or until their parents return.

Am I eligible?

You do not need to be qualified to do this, but it will help if you are a nurse qualified or if you are a former nurse or teacher (this assures parents that their children will be safe with you.)

Regardless of your qualifications, you may need:

– Renewed Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DPS) Certification

– Written notes

– Renewed first aid certificate

You may need to change your car insurance to cover baby passengers or invest in baby car seats. If so, make sure the parent pays you back.

The best way to get a job through a nanny agency like Top Knot Nanny is to expect that you will earn £10 an hour.

Bonus Tip – Retaining the Cost of your Car

For future investment, it is best to know how to maintain the value of your car. With more than 160,000 owned vehicles to search and buy in Gumtree every day, buying and selling cars can be just as valuable as picking up a brand new one.

How can I recover the value of my car?

Simple steps like regular service checks and MOT tests will ensure that your car is in good condition when it comes time to sell.