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An Expert’s Guide to Get Free Student Stuff

Student always are on limited budget, so they are looking for ways from which they can save money. One of the thing that students love is discounts. Students can avail discounts on almost everything as they are treated as special people. Looking for discounts is not a bad thing as there could be nothing better than that. But there is something much better than this and that is getting things for free. As a student, there are plenty of things that you can access for free.

What can a Student get for free?

The answer to this is very simple, there are plenty of things that a student can get for free like free food, drinks, entertainment, toiletries and much more. The list is long, so it is up to you that how much places you can remember. All you need is your student card as it is a proof that you are a student and most of the places require you to show your student card in order to avail your free stuff.


Where to Get the free Stuff?

This is one of the important question, as you should know that where you can find the free stuff. You can sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information about freebies. One of the places to find free stuff is the fresher’s fairs. Seniors can guide you about the institution and you can pick up freebies of many types including the toiletries, bottle openers, student planners and many more gifts from the seniors.

Other than that you can join competition or quizzes for students which give away prizes and certainly there are giveaways by the companies especially for students.


How to Get free Food?

As a student you can get free food and drinks from many places and there is endless list of places where you can get discount on your food and drink.


This is one of my favourites and if it is one of yours too then make sure that you download and use their app. If you join the KFC Colonel’s Club loyalty app, as a student you can claim a free KFC side for free. There are a lot of free chicken delights that can get from them with the passage of time.


If you are buying a Value Meal or a Deli Meal from one of the McDonald’s, you can get a free Hamburger, McFlurry or a Cheese burger for free from them. All you need to do is to show your student card and could claim your free Burger.

Other Places

As the list is endless so it is not possible to write everyone of it, some of the other stuff include a free strawberry shake from Nestle, free bottle of Lucozade, Free pizza from Chicago Town, free burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen and a free Doughnut from Krispy Kreme.


Other Methods of Getting Free food

Apart from the above mentioned method, there are other ways from which you can get free food and drinks. You can use cashback apps like Checkout Smart or Shopmium to get cashbacks,you can get coupons and voucher from websites or magazines. There are loyalty apps for restaurants which you can join and after joining you can claim your free food and drink. Other than that you can use apps like O2 Priority or Three Wuntu to get freebies. Apart from all these you can check out social media or websites giveaways to get your hands on free stuff.


Free Alcohol For Students

Other than food, you can also get your hands on free alcohol. The methods for them are listed below,


Another way of getting free drinks is to sign up for all the alcohol brands and local pubs newsletter so that you can get all the freebies or discounts campaigns directly in your inbox. Pitcher and Piano send a free cocktail or a beet every month. Youngs Pubs, Fullers pubs and Sizzling Pubs send a free pint of beer. Other than that you can get a free rum cocktail from Turtle bay or a free pint of ale from the Brew dog. You can sign up to Yates or Wetherspoons newsletters to get more exciting freebies.

Cashback Apps

If you want to get free cider, beer or wine, you can use cashback apps. Apps like Checkout smart and shopmium can help you in this regard. To get your free drinks, you will have to download the apps, then you will have to visit one of your local alcohol store to buy a drink and then you can scan the receipt at the app to claim your cashback. This is it!

Market Research Panels

Companies pay people to give them the reviews that can help them to improve their product and business. Some companies spend a lot of money to hire companies to get a survey of their product. So there are a lot of research panels that you can join for free to get your hands on free drinks. Trybe, The Insiders and Bzzagent are rated as the best research panels that you can join. All you need to do is to sign up to their websites and then apply for the free trials and you will start receiving the products in a few days.


Get Free access to Student Resources

Free eBooks

Books are expensive and you cannot get it for free and sometimes there are books that you cannot find in the library. If you are facing this problem then do not worry because you can access free eBooks on the internet. All you need is an internet connection and you can access millions of books for free. WHSmith, Bookboon and obooko are one of the websites that you can access for free.

First Aid Guide

As a student, you must know about basic first aid and you should be able to provide basic first aid to any patient in need. To learn this, you can get a free book from St Johns with a name of First Aid Pocket Guide.


Kitchen and Household Items That a Student Can Get For Free

It can be difficult for a student to live away from home with lack of facilities but the freebies listed below can help them to improve their living standards.

Free Recipe Book

If you are living away from your home, sometime you have to make food for yourself or you have to make food all the time. If you are not an expert in cooking, it could be very difficult and expensive at times. Don’t worry you can grab a free cookbook which can resolve this issue. This cookbook can help you make food in your budget, so don’t wait and grab your free budget cookbook.

Marigold Cloth

If you are a student then you must know the hassle of washing dishes. To solve this issue, you can get a free Marigold cloth or a scourer. Don’t wait and grab your free Marigold washing cloth.

Nikwax Cleaning Wash

You can apply for free Nikwax Cleaning wash, if you are a student. Now you do not have to rush to buy new cloths if your cloths are in a need of SOS. Just apply for a free Nikwax Cleaning wash and enjoy.

Home Security Tips Book

As a student, you have to manage a lot of different things at a time. Managing a lot of things at a time can cause you to leave some basic things at times, for example, if you are getting late for your class you may leave your door open. So you can grab your home security book which will help you to secure your accommodation.


Sex Advice and Healthcare products/advice for free

One of the important time of life is the time when you are student, it is a time when you are growing up to be an adult and your body experience a lot of changes. You have to take responsibilities of different things that you have never thought of. So to solve these issues, below is a list of places where you can take free healthcare advice.

Free Hearing Test

You may not know whether you have a perfect hearing or not. You can get a free hearing test from the Boots if you are a student. All you need to do is to book your free appointment and the guys there will help you with the remaining process.

Free Dental Assessment

This is one of the important tests that a person need and people spend a lot of money on their dental treatments. Luckily you can get a chance to get free dental assessment from the mydentist. Mydentist hold events all over the UK in which you can get free dental assessment and advices for free without paying a penny.

Free Eye test

If you have a sighting issue, you can get a free eye test from the Optical express and if you are in need of glasses, you can get a £30 voucher which you can use on any glasses of over £100.


Students are sometimes shy to talk about sex, there are a lot of places where you can get free condoms and sexual advice from experts. You can find plenty of places on our website from where you can get free condoms, lubes and health advice.

So this was all from my side today, make sure you get your hands on all the freebies.