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An Expert’s Guide to Become a Product Tester

This is one of the method to get your hands on product testing for free. You can get products before it is announced in the market and you also get to know which company has the best products. I love to become part of the companies from which I can receive free products and today I am writing this so that you can also get your hands on free products. All you need is some free time and you are good to go,

Product Testing

Before you take a start, you must know what product testing is. Companies need feedback in order to improve their products and services. So they need potential customers that can provide them honest reviews. They select people from their member base and prefer those who match with the product. So they invite their members to their campaign and then they select the best ones and send the product for honest reviews. Other than that companies send their product for free in order to promote their product, they ask the members to post on social media about the product and provide them the product without any cost.

The companies are always looking for active people, so you can become a one and one of the best thing about becoming a product tester is that you do not have to pay anything.


What sites should I should join?


Product Testing Panel

This is one of the famous place to become a product tester. If you are a P&G user then this is the best place to get their products for free. All you need to do is to join the website and then apply for the available campaigns. They email their members for every available campaign and if you are interested in a campaign you can apply for it. One thing you must keep in mind is that you will only get products of Proctor & Gamble. As a tester you have to comment on the project blog post, write reviews, reports and upload pictures of the product.


The Insiders

This is one of the place where you can earn cash for testing products. You will be awarded points for every activity you do on the website and then you can redeem your points for cash on this website. This makes it different from other sites as not every company offers cash with free products. On this website, you can get a variety of different products and for instance they have been recently involved in Unibond moisture absorber, LePage Superglue, Carte Noire coffee capsules and Purina pet food campaigns.


BzzAgent is one of the places which you can join to become a product tester. This website has a very user friendly platform which you can use easily. This website has a unique method of engaging its members in which they assign ranks to their members. The first rank is the Solitary Bee and the highest rank is the Sweet Bee which a member can achieve. You can promote yourself one step higher in the rank by completing a single task. Members of the website has got Hill’s Science Diet pet food, Tonka XT toy cars, Brut’s Bee Skincare products and Glade scented candles.



This is one of the newest website in the market which has gained fame in the recent past. This company provides a platform to companies for testing of choclates, perfumes and other gadgets. One of the best thing about this website is that whenever you submit a report at their website, you get a reply from the trndsters from the headquarters. You are given wombats for every report you submit with a thanking comment from a trndster. You can keep a record of your progress from the ‘mytrnd’ page of the website.


Tesco Orchard

This platform is parented by the Tesco’s, so that means you can enjoy a lot of discounted food from them. As you become a member, they send you vouchers to try out the new food and the voucher can be redeemed at their store. One of the best thing about this is that if you become a tester, you get extra money off vouchers so that you can entertain your friends as well. As a member of Tesco Orchard you can enjoy Tesco Finest Pasta, steaks ice creams, Tesco Summer Berries, Cherries Programme and much more. You will only get vouchers if you are selected for a campaign.


Other Companies

Apart from these testing clubs, some of the companies have made their own testing clubs where they offer their members their new products. For example, Schwarzkopf is a company which post ad for people to join their VIP Testers club, you can become a one too. Another company is the Lush, which you can join by emailing them about your availability, here you will get free scented body products. Another place to get free products is the St. Moriz VIP, you can join the St. Moriz self-testing products by subscribing to their mailing list. Although you will have to wait a while to get a product but the wait is worthy.

You can simply ask a retailer near you about their testing campaign or you can email companies near you to find out whenever they are running such type of campaign.


How to Become a Pro?

There are certain tips for becoming a pro level tester and receiving more free products. The first thing you need to do is that you must answer every survey which is assigned to you or is available. Secondly, if you are accepted for a campaign work harder and post all your efforts on the platforms assigned by the testing panel. This will improve your chances of acceptance for upcoming campaigns. If you have more social media accounts and your own blog, you will be preferred over other members as you can spread the product more than any other member. One thing you must keep in mind is that never apply for a campaign that does not interest you. Only apply for those campaigns that attracts you as you will be able to put your full energy in it. Last but not the least, try to be professional as much as you can, take nice and clear pictures, do not make grammatical mistakes because this will help you to improve your ranks



Whenever you are joining a testing panel, make sure you read all the terms and conditions so that you could keep yourself safe. Make sure the company does not share your information with third parties and secondly that the company does not charges you because if the company charges you for a testing campaign it may not be worth it. There are a lot of free testing websites that you can join. Sometimes scammers try to lure people in to their trap by offering expensive items, so make sure you keep yourself secure.


So this was it from my side, you will be interested in becoming a product tester for sure but make sure you follow all the steps correctly and become a good product tester. Do let us know about your experience in the section below.